Meet Akyn

I am a Certified Life Coach, a Business Strategist and a two-time bestselling author. I help top-notch individuals and corporates who want to live a happy and fulfilling life identify their greatest life vision, develop strategies that would help them live those vision and walk them through the process.

As a Business Strategist, I help aspiring entrepreneurs and startups find and pick viable business ideas from their passion, life experiences and abilities and help them start and continually run thriving businesses using their existing skill set. I help you do this by critically underscoring your core competences, passion and life experiences. Aside being a business strategist, my life coaching expertise enables me help you identify self-limiting beliefs that might have formed your belief-system over time which in-turn hinder your business success.

I am strongly convinced that no two human experience are exactly the same, as such each human experience is custom-made and can point you in the right direction.
In my experience working with clients, I have found that often time aspiring entrepreneurs complain about lack of capital when in fact what they lack is VIABLE BUSINESS IDEA(S) that can stand the test of time. In solving this problem, you should look at three places majorly;

1) Passion

2) Core competence

3) Experience

Although there are several other places you should look, often time, the answers are in one or more of these three places. Dig these places and you’ll have a thousand and one business ideas on your hands that you would be spoilt for choice.
This was the motivating factor behind writing my book BUSINESS IDEA BLUEPRINT.

I am a living prove that this system works all of the time. After running two unsuccessful businesses, my passion for consultation and competence in public speaking has led me to what I do today and it’s been fulfilling every step of the way. I have successfully built a business around my passion and competence and you can too. YES YOU.

Just in case you’re wondering, here are a few reason why you should believe I can help you:

    I built my coaching and consulting business from scratch working from home.

    I have helped at least 5 entrepreneurs start and run successful businesses in the past year.

    I have been featured on radio to speak on my niche.

    I have been invited to speak in at least 5 events in the past six months.

You can connect with me on social media platforms to gain access to live training that I host from time to time.
It’s quite scary and daunting to walk without direction in the world today, let me help you hit your goals, build your dream business like I’ve helped several others.

You are built for greatness, you are made for greatness, you are phenomenal.

I look forward to serving you.