In 2017, I had wanted to own a website so badly but I wouldn’t just afford it at the time.

Top on my list was “get a website” and so I slept website, I ate website, I drank website. Pretty much all that was in my head was website.

So I had it written in my to-do list and I put it up on my vision board. Some months down the line, I stumbled upon a post on Instagram where someone was offering to help build a website for about half the price it would cost normally.  I jumped on it and boom, I got a website for a ridiculously low price.

I’ve gone on to reshape and rebuild my website twice since then.

What happened there? Keep reading, I’ll share with you.

Earlier this year, my old man got a new car, an Acura RDX. For every time I have been on the road ever since, I’ll take note of an Acura whether RDX or not and that was never a conscious decision.

This is the shocker, I knew about Acura vehicles before now but I would never take note of them. They never appealed to me, who goes around the street of Lagos looking for other people’s Acura anyway ???

All of a sudden, I started seeing more Acura vehicles on Lagos roads as though the government had banned importation of other vehicle brands.

What happened here again? Same thing that happened when I wanted a website. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

When your mind is focused on something, you attract it. The interesting thing is you wouldn’t have to attract it consciously. Whether you put in conscious effort or not, you begin to attract it until it becomes your reality.

Let try a little exercise. Close your eyes and pick a colour at random, visualize this colour as if your were seeing it right in front of you, now open your eyes.

I bet before the end of today, that colour will pop in your face more than once regardless of the colour it is. You’ll see it in form of clothes, cups, photo frame, tv screen etc. Just take note.

Your mind carries enough energy to bring to life whatever you drop in there. Why am I telling you this? Errrm! Just so you can stop focusing on negativity.

Yes there is a compulsory stay-at-home order, corona virus is messing up economies, some of us has developed mild panic attacks just by seeing NCDC updates. Can you pause for a moment and focus on something positive? Take a break from social media, watch movies, read books,  watch comedy shits, learn a skill, play a music instrument etc. Just focus on feeding your mind with as many positive thing you can find.

Your mind is a fertile land, whatever you drop there will bring forth fruit, so you can as well start dropping positive thoughts there.

Good morning.

Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.

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