Stalk and Strike

When there is no football match, I am famous for watching National Geography Wild during leisure.

The wild world thrills me as I appreciate God and his beautiful works.


Over the weekend as I sat to electrify myself to the view of the wild world, I learnt something quite new. I had thought all wildcat were built for speed with Cheetahs leading the line and Jaguars being the slowest and sometimes Lions.

I was introduced to Africa’s small wildcats this weekend. Cats that are not built for speed but jump in some cases and slap in others. From the Caracals to Servals, Margays, Pallas, Bays and more. These cats cannot run as fast as other big cats but they are master stalkers and would continually stalk their prey till there is an opportunity to strike. Some others are great with heights, like the Caracals who can jump 10feet into the air and catch a bird in flight. How powerful!

The most amazing thing for me was that these small cats have higher success rate than their larger counterparts. Servals with 50% kill rate compared to 10% kill rate in Tigers, 14- 19% in Lions and 30% in the fastest Cheetah.


This new knowledge got me thinking of how unique and dynamic every God creation is including humans. It would have been disastrous and futile for these small cats to try to imitate their larger counterparts instead of being who they are meant to be.

We might not all be built for speed or pace, we might not all be good writers, great singers, fine artists, great footballers and all but we are great at one thing uniquely given to us by the creator.


Imagine if we all are introverts, or we were all phlegmatic. The world would be a hell to live in, more chaotic than you can ever imagine.


There is uniqueness in who you are, understand your uniqueness, appreciate it and use it to your advantage. What you don’t have in height, you probably have in size, intelligence, good look, organizational skills etc. Appreciate your uniqueness and live in it’s fullness this new week.


Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.

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