MESSIX…The Ballon D’or Gist.

Lastweek I shared some wisdom with those on my mailing list, I thought to let you in on it.
I saw the Ballon D’or award a few days ago where Lionel Akinwale Yakub Azubuike Messi won his 6th Ballon D’or award becoming the first player in history to have 6 of those.

Amazing right?…I thought so too.

Just in case, you’re not a football fan, the Ballon D’or award is one of highest individual football award if not the highest.

My focus is not on the award but on one significant thing that happened on the day. If you saw the award ceremony, you’re probably aware of it. Let me share with you so we can draw a lesson or two.

While the award ceremony was going on, one of the co-host who doubles as a football legend, Didier Drogba paused to take a selfie with another football youngster Kylian Mbappe. There was something significant about this “selfie session” as Drogba shared.

Apparently, about 10years ago in 2009, a young child had asked Didier Drogba for a selfie after a Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona. Drogba didn’t oblige cause according to him, he was pained about the poor officiating of the match.

Years down the line, he finds out the boy he refused a selfie with is Kylian Mbappe who today is also a star with many individual awards and the highest football competition award; The World Cup. Makes sense to have a selfie with a World Cup winner right? Yeah…Drogba called him to the stage, asked the audience to rise and they took a selfie.

Amazing scene.

As that went on, I asked myself “would Drogba remember this boy if he was a nobody today?”. If you think like me, you already know the answer, hell no!

In those 10years inbetween, if Mbappe wasn’t playing football, horning his skills, getting better and getting known for what he does best, he probably wouldn’t gain access to Drogba let alone have a selfie with him. Never!

You see those doors you’re knocking and are refusing to open is cause you don’t have what it takes to get behind yet. When you have what it takes, those doors will open on your arrival. In fact, there would be someone at the door waiting to open for you.

In this waiting period, just get better at what you do, own it and get known for what you do best.

Cheers to your greatness!

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