A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with a Real Estate startup I had been working with for some time.

After our strategy session, we had some time for small talks and chit chat. There we talked about a bigger real estate company who was fast loosing customers cause of their questionable integrity.

Apparently, this big player real estate company will tell Mr A that this plot of land is selling for say 100k, they lure Mr A in with sweet talks and a seemingly cheap land only for Mr A to discover after paying 100k that he still has to pay for XYZ documentation, paperwork, government palava etc.

In the end, instead of paying a 100k for the agreed portion of land, Mr A pays 200k or 250k because of course he is in already and can’t afford to loose his initial 100k.

Maybe it’s the company’s strategy or sales guy doing what they like, I really can’t tell but it all comes off to me and will scare me off any business transaction with them.

Fastforward to lastweek, Dominos Pizza did same to me. For some of us, the Smallie Pizza is our perfect fit. We are not a fan of Pizza but once in a while, we would like to have a few slice.

So that afternoon I walked into Dominos Pizza in my area and ordered for the Smallie. The attendant then said “smallie is #900 with Coke and #800 without Coke”… I was like; is this one new here?

I mean, it’s boldly written on the banner outside the store that Smallie is #600. I questioned how they had #600 displayed outside and it’s #900 inside the store and she looked almost as confused as I was.

You know that “Las Las na me f**k up look” ? Yeah, I wore that and asked her put the bill on my card with the extra chicken I bought.

When it was time for my pickup, I approached her to receive my order only to see that the Coke that comes with the #900 package is the smallest 35cl PET bottle Coke. I was just weak.

Why didn’t you tell me this is what I get, there are bigger bottles in your chiller, I could have added more money if I needed to, I asked and all she said was sorry. I just picked my order and left.

2days later, Dominos Pizza Twitter account made a post about Smallie Pizza but this time the conversation was different. Not in their exact words but it was something like “get smallie pizza STARTING FROM #600″…

Oh! So it’s “starting from #600” why you no tell us before na! ??
I engaged the account and shared my experience. Until then did I realise that some select flavours are not selling for #600. You didn’t know too ba? I talk am. ?

I bet even the attendant that took my order didn’t know this. Cause she looked almost as confused as I was. I remember her saying “I don’t even know” in that short conversation we had.

See, you might not have the capacity to bear massive drop in customer base as big companies like Dominos would, so in your best interest, be sure that your customer have every little details of your offerings.

If not, your customers would feel cheated every time they transact with you and that’s you letting them out your door gradually.

As a customer, I want to know what I’m dealing with. Give me the details, tell me the terms and conditions and let me decide.

Every shady or grey area is an avenue for your competitors to hit you hard and run with your customers.

Be wise, state your offerings clearly, don’t leave your customers feeling cheated.


Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.

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  1. Oni- Ajayi Mary

    Been seeing links to your posts here and there but this is the first time I’ve actually sat down to read through and I must say, GREAT CONTENT!! You just earned an ardent reader!

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