I had a pretty rough day last week Friday, I practically overworked myself and was tired to the teeth.

I was to leave the office and head home from work with some gift items I was to use the next day, I got into the car around 9pm with some of my colleagues and jetted into usual “Lasgidi” traffic. After about 20mins into traffic, I came to know that I had forgot to pick the items I was to use the next day, I was completely devastated and angry at myself. I told my colleague who was driving to park for me so I could return to the office to pick those items; only God knows why he refused.
Another female colleagues listening to me snapped at how stupid my decision was. I mean, how do you go back to the office after you’ve scaled 20minutes through Lagos traffic? She then pointed to me the options I had.

At the time, there was someone in the office who lived close to me who could take those items to his house and I could go pick it from there.
Or I could choose to go to the office the next morning to pick what I forgot since I wasn’t going far from the office the next day anyway.

What a wawu! How did I completely forget that I had two better options than jump back into Lagos traffic at about 10pm on a rainy Friday night?

I picked the phone, called my boss at the office to help me put the items in his car so I could go pick them the next day…

Early on Saturday, I took time to reflect on what had happened the previous night and how I had allowed emotions to override rationale. It was at that point that the words of renowned negotiator Herb Cohen made sense to me. I had read in his book; You Can Negotiate Anything, how it was easier for any third party negotiators to land a good deal because often time, they are not emotionally attached to the negotiation process because they had no stake whatsoever. It then becomes easier to apply rationale other than emotions. Third party negotiators cared less compared to negotiators who were representing themselves. For negotiators representing themselves, it is difficult to rid themselves off emotions because they had stake in the issue on ground.

That was practically my case on the night, cause I was the one involved, tired and under pressure, I came up with most stupid idea and was about to make an even stupid decision. It took third parties to show me the better options I had.

Just before you laugh hard at me, think about yourself, how many times have you allowed emotions to override rationale thinking? How many times have you taken stupid or close-to-stupid decision ’cause emotions veiled your thinking? How many times have you taken actions without a second thought about repercussions?
Ponder on these things and you’ll find that it’s almost a fight we undertake every passing day. We must always allow rationale 90% of time or at least strike a balance between emotion and rationale.
Allowing emotions (whether negative or positive) thrive all the time can land you in trouble worse than Lagos traffic before you even realise. You need to always leash emotions. The balance point between the emotional mind and the rational mind is what life coaches call THE WISE MIND. We’ll talk about that sometime soon.

For  now, tame emotions and think twice. Stay safe and avoid Lagos traffic.?

Good morning
Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.
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