As passion’s paycheck never fat reach, man must chop right?

After Youth Corp, it was just natural to go looking for jobs although I had passion for other things than sitting on a chair 40hours a week.


As passion’s paycheck never fat reach, man must chop right?


I went out looking for a job that could compliment my source of income and still give me a little time to pursue my dreams. To say the least, I was disappointed with what Nigeria has to offer. If you ever looked for job in this part of the world, I guess you know the story.

You will fear job offer; you are expected to work with the expertise of a PHD holder yet you’re paid on a leaving school certificate level. Pretty sad.

On some days I would fear for my future, on other days I would wear the smile of the wealthiest King Solomon. Through this period I made a resolve;


“If I wouldn’t give my 100%, I wouldn’t do it. If I must do it, I would give 100%”


This has become one of the value systems by which I operate ever since, and I’m happy I made that decision not just because of the results but because of the value it added to who I was.


Sir, if you will not be able to give your 100%, don’t do it. If you aren’t sure of giving your 100% at a free speaking gig, don’t do free at all. If you will bake yesterday-bread when asked to bake cake because the pay is small, I suggest you let that customer find someone who can accept that amount. If you will organize a crappy event because of the wee amount, let your customer find another event planner.

Don’t pray fire and brimestone on Sunday only to be rude to your customers on Monday morning, you’re gradually drifting from a profitable business to an NGO with the speed of a cheetah (if you know what I mean).

What you do is an extension of who you are, so when you make mediocre cakes, it tells us that you’re mediocre same way your rumpled shirt tells us how indisciplined and unkempt you are.


Commit this day to excellence, give 101% everytime, you never know who’s watching.


Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.

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