I had a great time yesterday at my Church’s Founders day Anniversary. It was an awesome time in the presence of my creator.
I wasn’t going to share the experience before but I was asked a question yesterday during the service and I thought you might learn a thing or two from it.
Let me tell you the story…

Our keyboardist for the day came in late so instead of playing the talking drum, I played the keyboard in his place till he came in. We had 2 talking drummer so in the absence of a keyboardist, it was just wise to let one person play and the other who had knowledge of the keyboard play the keyboard. That was me in this case.
When the keyboardist came in, I left for the mic. It was around the time we had a special rendition. The young man who takes the tenor path had other assignment, he was the leader of service…so I pretty much filled in. ?

At intervals, the choir mistress who was the lead vocalist had to attend to something and I became the lead vocalist in her absence. And when she returns, she’ld ask that a go play the talking drum for her. So in one day, I played the keyboard, the talking drum, took the tenor path and was briefly a lead vocalist. ?? I was just happy, fitting in where help was needed and having fun.

The clefman teased me at some point and said “talent po”. I just  smiled.
Not long after, one of the choristers asked “Akynspeaks, which one are you playing sef?” . She was teasing and I knew it so I answered “I’m multi-talented na” and we both laughed. Really, I’m multi talented and there are just 5 of us in Africa #lol ?

That question got me thinking later in the evening. You know it would be difficult for a total stranger to know which one out of the 4things I did I was a master at. My choir mistress knows, the choristers know and probably half the church knows too but a total stranger attending our service for the first time, I seriously doubt it.

So if a stranger was to patronize me based on my skill set or talent yesterday, they’ll have a hard time picking which one cause I didn’t stay put to just one thing. While it can be all fun showing several faces of who you are, be sure you’re not all over the place with your business as I was yesterday. Don’t dare, you’ll only end up confusing your customers.

One minute you’re selling hair, the next you’re marketing building materials, tomorrow you’re selling insurance, next tomorow social media manager, at another time you’re a food vendor. I bet your customers would be more confused than the Isrealites at the red sea.

Stay focused and consistent to one thing. I’m not saying you can run a chain of businesses but if you must, master one and create connectedness with your chain of businesses. Define what you do and help your customer decide what business to do with you and what not to do.

Some of us have even branded our confusion and anyhowness with one big grammar. Ever heard of “serial-entrepreneur”? That’s what many confused entrepreneur use now as a title. Scam!

You can be all over the place in church but with your business, don’t dare. I know you have talent and ideas, the big question is “Are they connecting?”


Peace, Love and Cold Zobo.

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